Secrets of the Sun

The video links for this work can be found under the menu “Classified Videos (by Subject)”.  Students should pursue the links to videos within sections found under this menu, and then proceed to respond to the questions found here.

The sun may not have been the only source of energy for the earth over the past 4.6 billion years that the earth has existed, but it is clearly the most important.

As you view the Secrets of the Sun video consider what it has to say about the following questions:

* How large is our sun compared to the earth?

* What powers the sun?

* What is a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)?

* How far away is the sun from the earth?

* How fast do CMEs travel through space?

* What kinds of structure exist on the surface of the sun?

*  What kinds of structures exist within the sun?

* What is the period of the cycling of activity on our sun?


We (humanity) certainly will not be able to change the sun and how it operates, but we will be able to develop systems here on earth that allow us to survive what the sun throws at us.  What do you envision these systems to include?

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