Courtships, Social Relationships and Friendships in Nature

Be sure you carefully examine the videos located under “Classified Videos (by Subject), then within Courtship, Social Relationships, Friendships and Communication in Nature“. ┬áThere are an amazing collection of videos there for you to examine.


To try to understand how people develop relationships with one another is an endlessly fascinating task. When we begin to explore the complexities of these relationships it gets us deep into the realm of psychology and psychiatry.

As we explore natural systems more carefully we are beginning to see the complexities of these same types of relationships.

Evolution is a huge concept, and how it operates within natural systems to produce the changes that we can observe is complex to the least.

But when we observe complex social relationships between animals (and Biologists are beginning to find relationships between plants as well!) these must have been produced through the working of evolution.

What mechanisms within evolution work to produce the complexities of the social relationships that are beginning to be documented in nature?

The PBS videos here in this blog will begin to allow you to explore this question.

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