Evidence of Climate Change

Be sure you carefully examine the videos located in the section: Evidence of Climate Change (under Classified Videos (by Subject)).  There are many videos there for you to carefully examine.


Late in the 20th Century, and even with the beginning of the 21st Century, there were people in powerful positions of government that rejected the idea that humanity’s activities and behaviors were causing the earth’s climate to change. With the continuing collection of evidence and it’s communication through science and the public media, 2013 seems to be a year when we in the United States are beginning to confront the realty that we can not continue to live as we have been living since the Industrial Revolution.

Few of us can get to the places where the effects of Climate Change are most dramatic, but PBS can take us there through their videos. Some of the evidence for the changes can be found only when we look at changes over decades or centuries, time frames that we can not personally experience. The videos in this section were made by people who have been fortunate enough to visit these places, have the tools to collect the evidence of change, and have been devoted to providing us with these vicarious experiences.

What do you think your family can do to begin a process of living in a more sustainable way?  How will you be able to get your family members to put in place the changes in the way they live that will result in a more sustainable life style?

Do the same strategies apply to getting your community to live in a more sustainable manner that you feel would work for your own family?

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