Human Evolution

Be sure you carefully examine the videos located under “Classified Videos (by Subject), then within Evolution, Particularly Human Evolution“. ¬†There are an amazing collection of videos there for you to examine.

We are at a stage in our civilization where our knowledge of how we came to be who we are is becoming clearer and clearer as a result of work by Biologists focusing on the issues of Evolution. Beginning with the work of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace about 150 years ago, the mechanisms that evolution uses to shape living organisms as well as the communities in which they reside have become much better understood. Of course there is still much to be learned about this very complex and interesting process, and particularly how we humans have evolved in the past and what role this process will have on our future.

PBS has aired some very excellent programs on this issue, some are available here in this blog.

After viewing the videos within this blog you will become much better informed about evolution.  What strategies can you use to help convince your friends, and others who you care deeply about, that evolution is a reality?

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