Education About Health

Facts Matter in developing a Healthy Existence!  The links to information available here are of high quality.  It is hoped this resource will stimulate conversations and mutual development of understanding. 

With the increase of our human population from just over 2 billion in the late 1950’s to over 6 billion as we moved into the 21st century and all that this issue has to do with our living in a sustainable way on the earth, and with the sexual assault of women being exposed in the “#MeToo” movement.  As a starting point in this ‘s venture I suggest we take a close look at link below to Wikipedia’s section on Human Sexual Activity:

Link to Wikipedia – Human Sexual Activity

Go Ask Alice

Colombia University Health Department has an excellent online resource related to health, including very informative information about sexuality.   In Go Ask Alice you can ask your own question about sex and responses are quickly available.

Link to Go Ask Alice