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Bill Moyers – Full Show: Is Net Neutrality Dead?

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Bill Moyers Journal

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Southern California Desert Flowers  (The flowers are amazing in the Borrego area and the large crowds aren’t a problem seeing the flowers, and will continue for several weeks if it rains there this week (March 19-26))

The desert flowering plants have an inhibitor chemical that must be washed away by “enough” rainfall.  This year’s rainfall is expected to be more than enough to accomplish germination by the seeds.  In wet years in the deserts the flowering plants can literally totally cover the desert!  These spectacular blooms can be once in a lifetime events!  Look for the “Wildflower Status” Scale (8 or above should indicate that you need to get in your car and drive to that desert).  Flower blooms in the Anza Borrego Desert should arrive at low elevations late this month (February). Peak flowering time comes in mid-March and lasts three or four weeks.  The blooms start at sea level and continue up mountain slopes to elevations of 6000 feet in the Laguna Mountains.





PBS Learning Media

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The NSF website has a link to “International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge – Science and engineering’s most powerful statements are not made from words alone.” There are some very interesting ideas on the site:




Look below for a link to assist you in exploring 23 issues you will need to address in developing an effective and comprehensive plan for Natural Disasters in your area!


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