Energy Systems that Effect Us

Be sure you carefully examine the videos located under “Classified Videos (by Subject), then within Energy Systems that Effect Us“.  There are an amazing collection of videos there for you to examine.

The Universe is thought to exist in two forms, energy and matter. Einstein’s simple, yet elegant expression of this reality (E=MC^2), Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light Squared, sets the two quantities against one another.

It is also true that energy can be “experienced” in many different forms here on earth, and that some forms are much more useful to us than others. It is also true that as we use energy sources they degrade in their value to our activities, ending up as heat.

Humanities lack of understanding of energy and its effects on life here on earth as well as the earth itself is causing huge issues that we all will have to confront with “Climate Change” and “Pollution and Degradation of our Environment”.

The videos that caring people have produced, and PBS has aired, can provide us with a point to begin to understand what we must do to intelligently confront these challenges.

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