Restoring Nature’s Health

Be sure you carefully examine the videos located under “Classified Videos (by Subject), then within Restoring Nature’s Health“.  There are an amazing collection of videos there for you to examine.

Beginning with the publishing of Silent Spring (by Rachel Carson, 1962), people across the planet began to recognize that the activities we were involved in during our daily lives were seriously polluting the planet. In the 50 years since that time we have made progress in reducing pollution with our “Earth Days” and other activities. But the damage we have already done to nature must be repaired, and it turns out that that the damage is much greater than we originally thought early in the Environmental Movement in the 1960s.

The earth’s surface is a massive place, even the terrestrial earth (30% of the earth is where we live, 70% are the oceans) is such a large place that few of us can personally experience what lives there and how our lives are effecting that life’s existence. PBS Nature Programs can take us there. This work by many people supported by PBS, can allow us to experience life on earth, and it’s struggles to survive our pollution.

Once we become aware of the damage we have done to life on earth, we must then begin to restore these environments.  And…knowledge of the progress we are making is essential. If we are to continue the process in the future of restoring habitats we’ve damaged it will be because we have celebrated the progress we’ve made in the past. Videos in this section can help us celebrate!

Are there other ways we can celebrate our success within the environmental movements?

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