Becoming Human

The video links for this work can be found under the menu “Classified Videos (by Subject)”. ¬†Students should pursue the links to videos within sections found under this menu, and then proceed to respond to the questions found here.

As you view the videos consider what they have to say about the following questions:

1. What do you think about the evidence the videos use to support the story of our human evolution?

2. Do you feel the time-line of our human evolution from the ancestors of chimpanzees to modern humans clearly communicates when these changes took place and how the process of evolution operates?

3. What do you feel are some significant markers (“milestones”) in our path to becoming human?

4. How has our knowledge of genetics helped in our understanding modern human’s link to Neanderthals?

5. What questions remain to be researched so as to better understand our human evolution?

6.  How can those of us who are informed about the process of evolution effectively communicate what we have learned to those around us who are resisting these ideas?

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