Moment of Impact (and other videos…)

The video links for this work can be found under the menu “Classified Videos (by Subject)”.  Students should pursue the links to videos within sections found under this menu, and then proceed to respond to the questions found here.

As you view the videos consider what they have to say about the following questions:

These videos show the fabulous structures that exist within animals in the Jungle, dryer grasslands and other ecosystems.  What does Charles Darwin’s book entitled “Origin of Species” have to say about how these animals developed these attributes through evolution?

How do predators drive the process of evolution?  How does the process of disease within groups of similar organisms produce changes in the organisms that we term evolution?

How does the concept of “Survival of the Fittest” produce the fabulous structures that we can observe in creatures alive today?

What structures must have existed in the ancestors of these creatures that have allowed for the existence of these very interesting animals?

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